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Sunset Hamsa Bracelet

Sunset Hamsa Bracelet

R 100.00 R 225.00


  • 16.5 cm


  • Gold plated
  • crystal

Although the hamsa hand is now cited in many different faiths, all over the world, it is believed that it actually originated in the Ancient Middle East as a protective symbol for an ancient Middle Eastern goddess. Tha hamsa hand or hand of fatima is believed in many different faiths to protect against the "evil eye". The evil eye is an omen of bad luck, evil spirits and negative energies. It is also simply a look that is given whereby harm, bad luck or ill wishes are inflicted into another. To wear the hamsa hand as an amulet or have it as some kind of artifact in your home or environment is said to offer protection.

 Other Names:

  • Hand of Miriam
  • Khamsa
  • Hand of Fatima
  • Hand of Mary


  • protection,
  • good luck
  • peace

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