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Good Vibes Bracelet

Good Vibes Bracelet

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Amazonite: balances feminine and masculine energy. It promotes kindness and practicality. It is an excellent stone for artists .It represents  truth, honor, communication, integrity and trust. It heals emotional trauma, balances the male/female energies, increases physical stamina, helps you receive inspiration from the heart and then motivates you to take action on the inspired thoughts, attracts luck, enhances intuition.

Hematite: Protection and grounding. Enhances memory, original thinking and technical knowledge. support for hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. It brings strength, love, personal magnetism, helps insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, anemia, nausea, car sickness, travel sickness, backache, broken bones, blood clots, fractures, jet lag, and cramps. Helps mental processes, thoughts, memory and brings courage.


  • Stretch (One size fits all)


  • Hematite Stones
  • Amazonite Stones

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