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Bohemian Feather Wrap

Bohemian Feather Wrap

R 130.00

"She took the leap and built her wings on the way down"


  • One size fits all


  • Tibetan Brass Charm
  • Crystal
  • Suede

Meaning of Feathers

The Meaning of Feathers plays an important role in the belief system of Native American Indians. Their beliefs are based on Animism which embodies the spiritual idea that all natural things within the universe, including birds, have souls or spirits.  Animists believe that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in birds, their feathers and in animals, plants, rocks and natural phenomena. The doctrine of animism is that everything is alive, and possesses an inherent virtue, power and wisdom.
The generalised meaning of feathers signified honour and connected the owner with the Creator and the bird the feathers came from.
Native Indian warriors were awarded a feather when they took coup or were particularly brave in battle. When a feather falls to earth, the Native Americans believe it carries all of the energy of its former attachment on a bird to a living being. Feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. Feathers arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose.
Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit, and to express their celestial wisdom. Also in the Native American Indianculture, feathers represented the power of the thunder gods, along with the power of air and wind.
The Egyptians believed that feathers were symbolic of sky gods too.
Symbolism of Feathers

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