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About Us

Romeo Foxtrot Designs was founded in 2013 by me, local Capetonian, Rouxmia Bougas.
It all started when I was working in a very boring 9 - 5 corporate job that did not stimulate my creative mind at all. Every night I would head home at 5, take out my random box of beads and leather and start creating my own pieces to wear or to give to my friends. I would never forget the first pair of earrings I designed. It should have been burnt with fire. I cant believe I actually wore it with pride! Yikes!
One evening, I posted a picture of the Anchor Bracelets on twitter. That is when I got my first order! And it was all the way from Australia! I think the customer paid more for the shipping than the bracelets! But that is how it all began. 
My little random bits and bobs became a box of bracelets that was dropped off at offices all over Cape Town on demand, which became custom orders, then it turned into a collection, then 2 months later, I quit my boring corporate job and established Romeo Foxtrot Designs with its first official jewelry line.
I couldn't believe that my hobby turned into a carefree and was ecstatic. They say that when you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.
They lied.
I slave away 24/7. But I love every minute of it! The more I design, the more ideas I get, I can hardly keep up with my own ideas and there are postets and designs all over my car, office, bathroom mirror, everyone of my 10 notebooks, you name it! That is why if you browse through our online shop, you will notice there is something for EVERYONE. Women, Men, Children, Teen, Students, Moms, Grannies, Animal Lover, Tree Hugger, Yogi's, Bohemian Chicks, Hipsters, Hopeless Romantics, Mermaids...the list goes on and on! We now have such a big range, we cant even keep up ourselves! 
We aim to create affordable quality jewelry so that everyone can treat themselves when they need some retail therapy and to just feel special because it is Wednesday or no excuse at all.
Where does the name come from, you ask? Well, my very unusual name is 99% of the mispronounced to be something rather interesting. Romany Cream, Romania, ROXmia. My favorite however was someone once saying at a party "Where is that Romeo Foxtrot Chick". It stuck, it was catchy and when I googled it as an option, the navy apparently used it to say 'Run like f***". I thought it was very funny and loved the idea! So that is the story of the name :)
Where are we situated? We are based in Somerset West on a hill with a view. Romeo Foxtrot Designs is a home based and online business, but we LOVE our office day shops, private pop up shops and market days even more! So feel free to book us via  
Our team currently consist of only 2 people, but we are growing! So watch this space and check out our Blog Page to keep up with our exciting news!
Be sure to check out our Romeo Foxtrot Studio section! You can now book us for jewelry lessons for kiddies and teen parties!
Happy shopping and remember to leave a sparkle wherever you go!
Lots of love