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Romeo Foxtrot designs Swarovski Heart Bracelets for Foschini & Hoity Toity

Rouxmia Bougas

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been chosen to make the Swarovski Heart Bracelets for the Hoity Toity Limited Edition Perfume exclusively for Foschini!

It was a very hard job on a deadline, but we did it! 

I want to thank my team from the Somerset West Community Center for sending me Mvely and Siziphiwe who are amazing and very talented young ladies! They did the job in 4 days! 

Not only did they complete the job but I am happy to announce that Siziphiwe is now part of the Romeo Foxtrot Family and is my right hand in producing!

Well done team! I am extremely proud!

The Team


300 down, 2200 to go!

 Danté on Quality Control  - Employee of the Month 

Done and Dusted!

The Final Outcome!

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